So Glad You Asked: Agencies Listening Together to Field Staff for Improved Retention and Practice

Global Mapping International
Mr. James Nelson, Vice President
Dr. Ken Harder, Research Coordinator

Description: What happens when 20-plus agencies open themselves up to confidential input from field staff? Amazing things Leaders learn and celebrate their agency strengths relative to other organizations. Ideas are generated through open-ended comments. Attention is focused on key areas for improvement. Missionaries feel valued and listened to And everyone better understands the factors most closely linked to retention. Discover the insights gained when 20 organizations teamed up to share the costs and benefits of a professional workplace survey that was custom-designed for cross-cultural missionaries. Hear the collective voice of more than 1,700 field workers about personal roles, oversight and organizational support. And learn about a new opportunity to affordably gain the same kind of information to support Spirit-guided leadership in an increasingly complex world of multi-cultural, globally distributed teams.

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