Maximizing the Impact of Short-Term Missions

Series: Your Path to Success at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference!

In today’s dynamic post-Covid world, short-term missions hold immense potential for impact. As leaders, it is vital to equip ourselves with the necessary skills and strategies to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. That’s why we invite you to the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference and its dedicated Short-Term Missions track. Designed specifically for those involved in recruiting, training, and leading cross-cultural teams to advance the Great Commission, this track, led by Don Johnson, aims to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to lead effective teams and maximize the impact of your short-term missions endeavors.

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The Short-Term Missions track is sponsored by ManagedMissions.

The Short-Term Missions track features one pre-conference and five engaging sessions that delve into key aspects of short-term missions, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the process and its potential. Here’s a sneak peek at what each session has in store:

  • 7 Keys to Mission Trips that Honor God – Parts 1 and 2 (Pre-Conference)
    Whether you’ve led 100 mission trips or just one, this 2-day pre-conference is for you! We’ll unpack 7 key elements to ensure that in every mission trip you are honoring God, your host, and those you’re serving. This workshop is interactive and collaborative. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences as you learn with and from others passionate about leading mission trips that make a difference. Not only will you leave with actionable knowledge, but you’ll also leave with new friends and colleagues to share with and draw from in your ministry. Led by Don Johnson, Tory Ruark, Jesse Kroeze, Andrea Kroeze, and Josiah Holland.
  • 7 Keys to Mission Trips That Matter
    Whether you’ve led many mission trips or just one, this workshop is for you! Consider 7 key elements to ensure every mission trip is honoring God, the missionary host, and those they are serving. Led by Brian Heerwagen, CEO of MissionWorks.
  • Understanding the Gender Issue as Beacons of God’s Truth and Grace
    Engaging in, wrestling with, and settling on a biblical approach on this important issue is foundational to developing your missions screening processes and training for your teams. Explore potential ways to minister with confidence and clarity as you function in diverse cultures where nationals may be more conservative or more liberal compared to common views held by conservative evangelicals. Led by Michele Okimura, Glenn Stanton.
  • Using Short- and Mid-Term Missions to Reach Diaspora Groups in North America
    This workshop will briefly describe the opportunities for doing cross-cultural missions in our own country and will explore some possible ways that we can utilize and leverage what we’ve learned about sending short-term teams and individuals to other parts of the world when reaching out to local Diaspora groups. Led by Don Johnson.
  • SHIFTS in Short-Term Missions in The Church
    The COVID-19 pandemic brought international travel to a screeching halt, giving churches and organizations a unique opportunity to reevaluate their short-term missions strategies. Many groups made adjustments and rebooted in new directions, but many others just waited impatiently to resume business as usual. What SHIFTS are we seeing in the local church regarding short-term missions? What did we learn during the pandemic? What did we not learn? Led by David Jackett.
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Short-Term Missions
    STM teams from North America have typically focused on preparing monocultural teams from the demographic majority (no matter what the sending country/culture might be). Working with multicultural teams requires addressing the upcoming cross-cultural mission trip from a variety of perspectives instead of just one. Join us as we discuss tools and tips to increase and manage cultural diversity within your teams and when you minister cross-culturally at your intended location or with your receiving people group. Led by Marcos Gonzalez.

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Session Presenters

The Short-Term Missions track includes a lineup of seasoned presenters, each bringing unique perspectives and extensive experience in a wide array of areas. These experts include: Don Johnson, Michele Okimura, Brian Heerwagen, Jesse Kroeze, David Jackett, Wayde Goodall, Glenn Stanton, and Andrea Kroeze. The collective knowledge, experience, and diverse perspectives of these speakers will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of important issues to be considered when leading short-term missions teams. You will be equipped with actionable strategies, innovative ideas, and practical tools to effectively grow and develop and impact the world for Christ.

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Join us in Orlando September 27–29, 2023 to attend the Short-Term Missions track at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference. You will gain valuable insights, practical tools, and innovative ideas that will empower you to maximize the impact of your short-term missions, serve field missionary teams effectively, and contribute to raising a new generation of missionaries.

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