SHIFTing Peoples: Migration, Diaspora, and UPGs

Details: September 28, 2023, 01:45 PM - 03:00:00 PM ET 

Workshop Track: Global Strategies

Primary Audience: Missionaries and churches interested in making disciples among, and through, diaspora UPGs

Unreached peoples who have migrated have complex and dynamic identities that pose challenges and opportunities for disciple making.

Attendees will see how local churches in North America can accidentally, and intentionally, provide a safe place for unreached people to explore the teachings and communities of Christ-followers. Attendees will also be challenged to embrace the need for particular UPG-focused missionaries in North America who understand the language and culture of their focused groups, even if they speak English.

Attendees will also discover the sweet spot for North American diaspora ministry isn't actually what happens in North America, but what happens THROUGH the unreached diaspora to extend the gospel's influence to the least-reached areas of the world. Stories from 17 years of mission work in/through NYC will illuminate the discussion.

Meet the Presenters

Chris Clayman

Co-Founder and Associate Director

Global Gates

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