Webinar: Maximizing Video and Photos to Tell your Story

A Peer-2-Peer Webinar for Communications and Marketing Professionals


How can you use your phone or basic camera gear to produce relevant and professional looking videos and photos for your organization? This webinar will provide you with practical tips for how to do that. 


David Johnson is the founder of Silent Images (silentimages.org), a nonprofit that provides professional storytelling for other nonprofits that inspire viewers to take action. He is an international documentary photographer, educator, and author of two books on Africa. He has taught video/photo workshops in dozens of countries and has guest lectured at universities around the US. 

Presenter Highlights and Takeaways:

  • “The first place to connect to someone’s heart is through their eyes.”
  • “We have to retrain our audiences to the complete story through our imagery”
  • —> start with who you benefit rather than what you do <—
  • —> how can you make content that doesn’t just feel like an advertisement but helps people connect <——
  • Scream it loud and clear, over and over. You’ve hit the #1 challenges we storytellers face — educating missions leadership; getting them to start thinking oppositely. I tell our missionaries: “Nobody cares what you DO. Tell them about a life changes BECAUSE OF what you do.”
  • —> in a world that is moving so quickly, photos slow us down <——
  • —> don’t buy into everything having to be video in order to have an impact. Photos can still have a great impact. <——
  • Link: Lighting at Home | How-To with Silent Images

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