Partnering Well

Churches engaged in mission want their missionary partnerships to positively affect their church, and missionaries want their church to do things that support the mission their church sent them to do.  So how do missionaries influence at home?  And how do sending churches influence abroad?  Do church-based teams perform differently than other teams?  We’ll discuss the results of independent research on Frontiers teams and their sending churches, and explore the reasons behind the insights the study revealed.

Presenters’ Info:

Bill has a lifetime of experience sending missionaries in student ministry, local church and mission agency contexts. For the past 13 years he has been assisting American churches in forming church-planting teams to Muslim peoples.

Jim McGee is Senior Research Associate at Calvin Edwards & Company. He conducts analysis for, and consults with, international Christian ministries and other charitable organizations and donors. With a background in qualitative and quantitative research, Jim helps organizations listen to their constituents to measure outcomes and assess program impact. Jim has done work in more than 20 countries, including residencies in Malaysia and Russia. Based in Colorado, Jim holds an MS in marketing research from the University of Texas at Arlington and a BA in journalism from Texas Christian University.

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