On-Site Facilitators: The Pivotal Link for Global Church Partnerships

On-Site Facilitators: The Pivotal Link for Global Church Partnerships
Ellen Livingood, Founder and Director, Catalyst Services
April 10, 2008

Local churches seek significant value added when they partner with an agency in a global initiative. More than anything else, they need a high-quality facilitator or coordinator with the skills to help the partnership avoid pitfalls, blend partners strengths, and bridge their differences. However, when agencies partner, they often attend more to on-field needs and ministry processes than to the coordinator. A skilled facilitator can go far in making a partnership successful, even in a very difficult environment, while even the most desirable ministry setting and compatible partners are likely to fall short of their potential without a far-sighted facilitator to guide them.

How do we identify and engage great facilitators?
The role demands both a mindset and skills that few missionaries or national leaders automatically possess.

In this session, we will discuss: What is the profile and task of an effective facilitator? Is there a set of best practices? What are the roles of agency and church in identifying, preparing, financing, and supporting facilitators in their strategic task?

Ellen Livingood is the Founder and Director of Catalyst Services. founded Catalyst Services to improve the collaboration between mission agencies and local churches. She has experience in agency administration and mobilization as well as in consulting and training with both mission organizations and churches. Ellen has also served as the director of global outreach of a local church, leading the congregation through several global partnership engagements.

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