Navigating the Growing Pains of Implementing a Hybrid Approach to Training

Training Track | Workshop Set 1

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 15:45 PM


“Primary Audience Training strategists, designers and implementers Description Changes in workstyles and especially the reality of many employees working from home has launched a movement in the marketplace that is changing the face of organizational training programs. “”Hybrid learning”” is on the lips of trainers everywhere and we, in worldwide ministries, would do well to engage our remotely distributed staff with this approach. This workshop will present several examples of Missio Nexus organizations that are currently using blended or hybrid learning and provide you with a decision-making pathway for planning, designing, and implementing a hybrid approach for your organization. The new world of hybrid learning is here and we should engage with this paradigm, not just because we need to, but because it promises the potential for training and developing our international workers better. Sponsored by: {[A-CUSTOM TAG:SPONSOR – GLOBAL FRONTIER MISSIONS]}”


Mark and Julie Morgenstern

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