Mission Trends: What’s Changing and Why It Matters

Trends in Mission: What’s Changing and Why it Matters
Scott Moreau, Professor, Missions and Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College

It is not an overstatement to say that we live in the most exciting–and dangerous–time in the history of the world!

In this Webinar, we’ll take a high-flight tour touching on key areas of change happening around the world, from globalization to religious fundamentalism to pandemics to the southward demographic shift of the Christian church and the impact each has had for missionaries, mission agencies, and mission donors. The challenges we face are bigger than ever, as are the opportunities if we can keep in tune with God’s prompting as He leads the Church to glorify Him!

Scott Moreau is Professor of Missions and Intercultural Studies at Wheaton College. He is also the Editor of Evangelical Missions Quarterly and the Managing Editor of the Network for Strategic Missions Knowledge base.

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