Missio Nexus Recaps Transformative Mission Leaders Conference in Orlando

Orlando, FL – September 30, 2023 – Missio Nexus wrapped up its annual Mission Leaders Conference this week in Orlando, bringing together over 1,000 mission executives, agency leaders, and practitioners from around the world. With the theme “Shift: Rapid Social Transformation and the Gospel,” this year’s event addressed key issues facing global missions today.

In his keynote on human migration, Dr. Sam George noted that “Migration is extremely important to Christianity and its missionary calling. Diaspora factor has shaped and reshaped Christianity throughout its history and continues to do so in the early 21st century.”

A panel discussion on “Navigating Sexuality Issues Faced on the Mission Field” offered guidance on approaching complex topics with care, listening, and biblically-grounded perspectives.

Ed Stetzer warned that “We are facing a pandemic of distrust in our culture.” His message provided insight on how to combat this as mission leaders.

In the closing session, James “Jimmy” McGee III tackled “Race and Missions,” challenging attendees to examine cultural biases and pursue parity over proclamation.

Two honorees were recognized for their service. Jack and Theo Robinson received the Lifetime of Service Award for their enduring dedication to global missions over decades of work. The Excelerate Award went to AIRO for their innovation in removing barriers to reach unreached people groups.

In the inaugural year of the Missio Nexus Innovation fund, nine member mission agencies were recognized for receiving a total of $450,000 of funding to spur on innovation in global missions.

“This conference comes at such a crucial cultural moment,” said Missio Nexus President Ted Esler. “We believe the gospel is still the hope of the world. Our role is to apply Kingdom principles to real-world problems, leaning on biblical truth and the Spirit’s guidance. We aim to equip leaders to faithfully carry out the Great Commission with excellence and grace.”

Videos of keynote sessions will be available on the Missio Nexus website early this week. Mark your calendars for next year’s Mission Leaders Conference taking place September 11–13, 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky. Save the date!

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