Leading Well: Board Legal Responsibilities, Now and Always

Friday, 8:30 – 9:45 AM

Presented by: Sally Wagenmaker

Whether fresh or seasoned in nonprofit governance, board members and executive staff need a keen understanding of their roles, their fiduciary responsibilities, and their accountability to donors, government officials, and others. When these understandings clash among board members or governance practices are dysfunctional, significant problems can result — and even erupt in strange and disturbing ways. Taking a look at the big picture along with potential pitfalls and best practices, this workshop will help answer a key existential question for governance: Why are you here? Correspondingly, how does the answer impact all that is accomplished through board service? Within the legal framework and practical application, attendees will learn how to advance their mission through good (and Godly) governance!

Learning objectives:

  • Discern how to better use and improve your organization’s bylaws and corporate policies
  • Work effectively through conflicts of interest
  • Avoid personal liability
  • Manage potential leadership crises

Primary Audience: Executive nonprofit leaders and board members

CPE 1.5 hours Business Management and Organization

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