Leading During Chronic Crisis: Enhancing Leader and Mission Agendas

Leading During Chronic Crisis: Enhancing Leader and Mission Agenda.
Brent Lindquist, President, Link Care Center
January 31, 2008

Our western version of Member Care is built on the presumption that life is relatively steady, punctuated by a crisis, from which we recover. Mission leaders more often lead in a Chronic Crisis mode, where they are continuously stretched to the limit. What are some issues to consider when leading from within chronic crisis?

We will focus first on nurturing the leader and then build out into the organization, seeking understanding in regard to the following: Brent Lindquist is a Psychologist licensed by the state of California and has been in executive leadership with Link Care since 1982, with 17 years as President. He is a long term Board Member and former Chair of The Mission Exchange.

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