Leadership Resources International is now WordPartners

A ministry developing global partners to train pastors changes its name to reflect how God has been shaping their strategy and approach.

Palos Heights, Illinois – On March 1, 2021, Leadership Resources International changed the name of its global ministry to WordPartners. The organization says the two parts of the name reflect what they are all about:

  • God’s Word, and seeing it transform the hearts, lives, and ministries of pastors and their people, and
  • Deep and lasting partnerships, through which pastors and leaders are equipped to proclaim God’s Word.


Working toward the vision of seeing “the Word of God flowing powerfully through every church to every nation,” the organization announced that the name change represented how God had begun to reshape their strategy and approach in the last several years.

“God has given us a deeper understanding of what it means to partner with others in the body of Christ all over the world,” the ministry said. “Through that, God has opened up new pathways for impact and new opportunities that have enabled ministry on an even larger scale. Today, through our own staff as well as our partners, workshops with pastors are taking place in over 60 countries and among more than 14,000 pastors around the globe.”

The ministry said that the new name better represents both their heritage and their future – an enduring trust in the transformational power of God’s Word and the deep impact of lasting partnerships within the church. “Our new name is a celebration of who we’ve always been and how God has consistently used us.”

The ministry now known as WordPartners was founded more than 50 years ago in 1970 by Bill Mills, a humble but widely known Bible teacher who passed away in May 2020. The ministry began to focus on training pastors in 1985, eventually adopting a 2 Timothy 2:2 multiplication approach with small-group workshops. Studying books of the Bible with their Dig & Discover Principles, along with their development of in-country leaders and trainers, has allowed the training to be reproduced widely and the church to be strengthened as pastors and their people discover the transforming power of God’s Word.

For more information about WordPartners, visit their redesigned website at WordPartners.org.

Additional questions may be directed to Cory Van De Griend, Director of Communications, at WordPartners’ home office: (800) 982-2226.

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