Integrating Missions into Every Department of Your Church

Integrating Missions Into Every Department of Your Church
Presenter: Pastor Don Waybright, Sugar Creek Baptist Church
Date: August 16, 2011

Description: The church exisits for the mission. Without the mission the church would cease to exist. Mission is not about going or doing..the mission is who we are as a church. These quotes are the basis for the theological under pinnings of the missional church. Yet theory, and vision require structures to become effective. This webinar will focus on the structures that flow out of and support the mission of the church. You will discover practical tools and organizational systems to support the strategic and intentional mission culture of the church such that every ministry is on Mission both locally and globally. What would your church look like if all the passions, giftings, affinities, and talents were focused on the unique missional design God has for your church? This webinar will help you lead your church on that journey.

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