Human Trafficking

MissioNexus announces the March/April 2014 Global Issues Update: Global Status on Human Trafficking.
Presented by Jennifer Tunehag

Complex global challenges impact Great Commission activities at every level. No matter how connected and motivated you are as an individual Christ-follower, church or mission leader, you can’t be an expert on everything. This edition will help you become better aware of what is currently happening in regards to the phenomenon and crisis of human trafficking around the globe.

Jennifer Tunehag is currently working with the European Evangelical Alliance to develop its anti-trafficking arm, the European Freedom Network (EFN). EFN connects national Alliances with active and emerging NGOs and other stakeholders, and serves those networks by providing the tools they need for effective cooperation and action. Over 130 EFN partner organizations are now working across 32 countries in Europe to build a bridge to freedom for those who are exploited. Global Issues Update is an audio/visual 35-40 minute recording andwill take a few minutes to download. You will be glad you waited.

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