How to Successfully Engage in the Microfinance Sector

How to Successfully Engage in the Micro finance Sector
Gareth Evans, Deputy Director of Economic Development,
March 5, 2009

Many organizations, churches and Christians are interested in micro finance as a sustainable tool for helping to alleviate poverty. However, engaging in the micro finance sector is complex and expensive. In recent years the formal financial sector has become increasingly involved in the provision of micro finance. The current global financial crisis may encourage non-profit organizations toward greater and longer roles.

This webinar provides practical information for organizations who are considering engaging in the micro finance sector. We discuss some of the options available to Churches and Christians who are looking to support micro finance institutions. You will gain a greater understanding of: What micro finance is, how it is delivered, and guiding principles for practitioners. Trends in Micro finance. Why World Relief engages in the micro finance sector. How organizations, Christians and Churches can get engaged. Pitfalls of providing micro finance services. Community Based Savings and Loan Associations for integrated programming. Gareth Evan is Deputy Director of Economic Development for World Relief. is a micro finance specialist with six years experience including three years in sub-Saharan Africa rehabilitating, managing and growing micro finance institutions. Currently responsible for a network of eleven micro finance institutions, Gareth provides technical support, oversight and supervision to encourage strong sustainable growth. He is also responsible for developing World Reliefs micro finance investment vehicles, savings for Life community-based saving and lending products, and online marketing strategies for WR Economic Development programs.

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