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In the ever-changing landscape of missions work, leaders like you need to equip themselves with the essential skills and strategies necessary to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities. That’s why we invite you to join us at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference and its dedicated Human Resources Track. This track is designed specifically to help you build a highly skilled task force through best practices in hiring, onboarding, training and conflict resolution. By participating in this track, you will gain invaluable insights, practical tools, and innovative ideas to train and empower workers for long-term engagement in the mission field.

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The Human Resources Track is sponsored by Christian Alliance for Benefits

Led by Patrice Hunt, the Human Resources track offers profound insights into an essential part of any organization. Through the work of HR management, ministries have the opportunity to demonstrate the grace and love of God.

Trauma Informed HR
Whether you realize it or not, some behavioral problems with staff can be linked to trauma. However, if managers and HR staff do not understand the trauma-related elements underlying these behavioral issues, they may be ill equipped to handle situations in a trauma-informed way. Ignorance and naiveté in this area can plant seeds for future problems and/or escalate already difficult staff situations. Understanding trauma can help HR practitioners improve their staff support particularly as it relates to placement, policies, and procedures. Led by James Covey and Heather Pubols.

What We Need More Around Here is More Disagreement!” – Conflict for Transformation
“It is possible to conceive of conflict as not necessarily a wasteful outbreak of incompatibilities, but a normal process by which socially valuable differences register themselves for the enrichment of all concerned.” So said Mary Parker Follett (a sadly underappreciated genius known by savvy Organizational Development experts as the “Mother of Modern Management”) almost a century ago (1924). Look carefully at the phrase “for the enrichment of all concerned” … can conflict REALLY make our organizations richer? The answer is a resounding “Yes!,” and the right kind of conflict is ESPECIALLY important for proclaiming — and most important, demonstrating — the Gospel in times of rapid social transformation.

In this session we’ll identify the costs of conflict incompetence and explore the specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support a culture of value-adding, Christ-honoring constructive conflict. Training implications will be discussed, with learning activities demonstrated as time and group size permit. Led by Rocky Tyler and Scott Harmon.

HR Trends: Quiet Quitting & Quiet Hiring: How They Are Shaping the Workforce
Business as usual has become a thing of the past. The COVID-19 pandemic was the impetus for change in the workplace. As a result, organizations face a growing number of challenges and have adapted quickly to survive. The relationship between employees and employers has shifted, bringing about a “dance” caused by talent shortages. Employees are experiencing burnout and as a result, are “quiet quitting”. Employers struggling to fill roles due to a diminished talent pool have resorted to “quiet hiring”.

In this workshop, we will take a closer look at “quiet quitting” and “quiet hiring” and their impact on an organization. We will discuss the difference between the two, how they are interconnected, and what organizations can do to care for employees, mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. Led by Lynette Bonilla-Melendez.

The Richness of Unity and the Poverty of Uniformity
As work has become increasingly team-based and teams continue to become more diverse, some analysts have proposed that synergistic performance is finally within our grasp. David Livermore’s 2016 book “Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity” is a prime example of this optimistic search for the rich rewards of unity in diversity. But also in 2016, Helen Turnbull argued in her book “The Illusion of Inclusion: Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and the Bottom Line” that “Companies hire for diversity and manage for similarity. We hire people for their difference and then teach them directly and indirectly what they have to do to fit in to the corporate culture.” This pressure to assimilate robs organizations of the potential rewards of unity in diversity.

In this session, we’ll explore four common workplace environments and identify the elements of an environment that eradicates the poverty of uniformity by authentically welcoming difference. Led by Rocky Tyler and Scott Harmon.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Needed Shift or Dangerous Doctrine?
In America, current rapid social transformation centers around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with an emphasis on race, sexuality, gender, age, and disability. The sexual revolution affects how Americans think of these issues, with sexual orientation and gender identity taking front and center stage in the national discourse. This talk will help missions navigate the complexities of cultural issues and legal mandates without compromising their core beliefs. Led by Theresa Lynn Sidebotham.

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The Human Resources track includes a lineup of seasoned presenters, each bringing unique perspectives and extensive experience across a wide array of areas. These experts include: Rocky Tyler, Theresa Lynn Sidebotham, Scott Harmon, Heather Pubols, James Covey, and Lynette Bonilla-Melendez.

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Join us in Orlando from September 27–29, 2023 and delve into the Short-Term Missions track at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference. You will gain valuable insights, practical tools, and innovative ideas to develop and empower your team, ultimately paving the way for extraordinary success.

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