Webinar: From City to Shore: Jesus Film Project is Seeking to Equip the Global Church

Description: From city to shore and jungle to township, Jesus Film Project® is providing captivating media tools and strategies to reach everyone everywhere. We started with a film called JESUS back in 1979 and from there we’ve launched into a media library of more than 200 films in over 1,800 languages!  This digital library is now available right in your hands through our Jesus Film app which is free to watch, download, and share with anyone you meet, wherever you meet them. One of the most compelling ways for someone to meet Jesus is to see Him and hear Him in their own language. That’s the heartbeat of what Jesus Film Project does. Our efforts are not done in solitude. We understand that none of this is possible without partnerships at every level. Come hear and join in the conversation with our very own Kari Kennedy. There is no better person that will encourage you and help equip you in the work you are doing for Christ around the world. 

Presenter: Kari Kennedy, Global Strategist, Jesus Film Project; A native of Bossier City, Louisiana and proud graduate of LSU, Kari Kennedy knows how to sugar her tea and season her gumbo. Before joining staff with Cru, Kari worked at LSU in college administration and for the past 19 years, she has served on staff in a variety of roles. After 10 years serving stateside with the campus ministry (Texas State & Oklahoma State), she packed her bags for a year in Ethiopia- the country of her heart. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she served for 5 years helping send recent college grads to the places like Belfast, Paris, Bosnia, South Asia, and East Asia. Kari joined the Jesus Film family almost 3 years ago for her 2nd missionary journey.  Kari loves connecting people to JFP resources, relationships, and talking about the needs of the world and yes, some good southern hospitality.

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