Flood Victims in Pakistan

The August 2010 edition of Global Issues Update addresses the Status of Flood Victims in Pakistan with Anthony, a disaster and relief expert based in Europe. Anthony has been the Director of Crisis and Relief for Frontiers International for seven years. He has a long history with disaster relief in this area of the world, having been engaged with the 2004 tsunami, the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, as well as Iraq, Kosovo and Lebanon. He is communicating regularly with people on the ground in Pakistan and well positioned to share about this tragedy. By some estimates as many as 20 million people in 50% of the country have been affected by monsoon rains and extensive flooding. The death toll of approximately 1,600 from the initial flooding is expected to rise exponentially in the face of food shortages and the lack of clean water. The elderly and the young are most at risk. One estimate suggests as many as 300,000 infants and young children are at risk of death in the next few weeks from dehydration and water born disease. Response to this tragedy has been slow. The church in North America, still engaged (and rightly so) with ongoing commitments to Haiti, has yet to rise to this challenge. We hope this timely downloadable webinar resource will help you speak up on behalf of the millions of Pakistani families who have lost everything in this disaster and are more concerned about staying alive today than rebuilding for tomorrow.

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