Extreme Poverty: What it is and what to do about it

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Extreme Poverty: What it is, and What To Do About It
Debbie Hall, Board Member Live 58

The issue of extreme poverty gained prominence when, in the year 2000, 147 countries set specific goals around reducing poverty and malnutrition, improving education, and tackling global health issues. This Global Issue Update on the Global Status of Poverty will highlight our progress on several of these key goals. Are we, in fact, making a dent in an issue as big as moving over a billion people out of extreme poverty? And as Christians, what is our role in this? We will look at the scriptural basis for tackling these tough issues and the role of the church and short-term mission trips in moving the needle. Join us to gain an understanding of the key issues, the barriers yet to overcome, and the geographies of the world that remain the biggest challenge.Perhaps you will learn something that God is calling you to take action to address.

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