Education on the Rise Globally

A college education is a valuable resource for a person who is striving develop their skills and make a life for themselves and their family. While we still have a long ways to go, more people around the world are getting that chance. Now let’s consider the role of Christian higher education globally. While it is a small percentage of overall students, the Global Church looks to many of these students to be the next leaders of the Church. Explore the status of global higher education, the response of Christian higher education to the need and how you can support these institutions globally.
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<p><a href=""><strong>Education on the Rise Globally</strong></a><br />Do you understand the scope of need around higher education globally and the role of Christian higher education? How can you be praying and responding? Dive into the numbers behind the population of people engaged in higher education and consider the implications for your efforts on mission.</p>

Personal Reflection
Do you have a college or graduate degree? If you do, you are part of a small percentage of the world’s people with a significant advantage in learning and a broad set of opportunities. If you don’t have a degree, it is a goal that is worth reaching for as you seek to be on mission. What pops out to you as you see the overall rise in higher education, the average number of years a student studies, the percent of college completion and then the reach of Christian higher education? How are you encouraging those Christian institutions serving students around the globe? Are you praying for these students studying to serve their communities and the Body of Christ? Consider praying for the students of Christian higher education institutions on a regular basis.

Engaging the Church
If your church supports local pastors or missionaries in a particular country, are you investing in their education as well as their ministry? Have you ever asked them if they have any Bible school training or if they have a desire to study further? There might be an opportunity for your church to provide a scholarship to an in-country Bible School, Seminary or College. Think about how that might encourage and equip those you support in ministry with the skills they need to minister.

As you consider how your church might continue to invest in missionaries and mission projects, consider how you might support and encourage Christian higher education institutions. Are there people in your church who could visit and do some teaching? How about books or equipment that might be needed? Are there school administrators in your church who could provide some consulting and input for the leaders of that other institution? How could your church create dialogue between teachers from different parts of the world to learn from each other?

Organizational Application
As you read through the stats on Christian higher education, what stands out in relationship to your cause? Is your ministry connecting with Christian educational ministries in the countries where you work? Are you striving to encourage, equip and empower those institutions through the activities of your ministry? Consider starting internship programs that allow students a chance at real world ministry experience. What about holding your next ministry event at a bible college, seminary or liberal arts institution? How might you engage with the faculty of these institutions to do research and thinking around your cause? Remember that the future leaders that will champion your cause in a particular country may be sitting in a Christian institution today!

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