Developmental Leadership

Title: Developmental Leadership: Leading with a Developmental Bias
Presenter: Steve Moore, President, Missio Nexus
Original Air Date: May 2, 2013

There is an important difference between training and development. Training begins with the need of the organization and assumes everyone has the same foundation of knowledge, skills and experience.Development begins with the need of the individual and assumes everyone has a unique foundation of knowledge, skills and experience. In the typical organization, especially Christian organizations, people get trained until they reach functional competency for their specific role. Once the benchmark of functional competency is reached there is little additional training unless or until the persons role changes or there is a significant failure. Developmental leadership holds two important ideas in tension:everyone is more important than the tasks they perform; no one is more important than the mission.

This webinar will provide an over-arching framework and practical suggestions for leading with a developmental bias.

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