Creating Passion?

By Lynnette Horwath

Yes, the idea of creating passion sounds like an oxymoron, or outright fanciful thinking.  Passion must come from within, right?  Most of those who serve with a mission organization start with an underlying passion for their mission agency’s cause.  And as that passion matures over time, it helps keep them successful in sharing the Gospel.  If you are working to raise support right now, how can you effectively “create” passion in others?  There is a tremendous opportunity to co-labor with the Holy Spirit to open people’s eyes and nurture passion!

I’m a volunteer with SAT-7, Christian Satellite TV and on demand services in the Middle East and North Africa.  SAT-7 takes the Gospel of Christ behind closed doors and into closed regions where it’s very difficult or impossible to send in missionaries.  I coordinate a network of other stateside volunteers.  My volunteers need exposure and education to grasp the needs of many spiritually lost and desperate potential viewers, most of whom lead challenging but ordinary lives.  As you embrace the world of missions, you face similar challenges in advancing the Great Commission.

Brief stories relating to small groups, families or individuals are keys that can unlock hearts.  As you work to raise support, try viewing each call, each letter, each meeting first and foremost as an educational encounter.  Who is waiting there at your destination?  How might the Holy Spirit already be laying the groundwork in their hearts?  Details bring these questions to life!  Whether your mission work will tie into human rights, medical needs, unreached people groups or a myriad of other concerns, view yourself first as an educator. 

Of course, not every contact will bring the results you so deeply desire.  You can’t change personal circumstances which may include other barriers and priorities beyond your support needs.  But you can leave each individual with a basic understanding of the circumstances and opportunities at your mission destination. 

The “no’s” you receive are not time wasted!   Never lose site that many who listened to Jesus and observed His miracles did not turn their hearts to Him.  His precious time on earth was often invested where little fruit seemed to grow.  To help combat feelings of frustration and rejection, remember this.  Those who do become passionate for you mission’s cause and excited to support your efforts, are usually partners who will go the extra mile with you on your journey, as they help enable the Great Commission calling on your life. 

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