CFO: Comprehensive Financial Orchestrator

Is there more to your financial role than monthly reporting, tax laws, and auditing requirements? It is critical to maintain an overarching perspective of all the key components of your role as a financial leader.  Listen to this webinar to 1) Glean how to strategically and comprehensively serve as a financial leader, 2) Obtain a four-pronged framework for this leadership, and 3) Process some practical how-to tips to implement these ideas into your daily work responsibilities.

David Beroth serves as the CFO of Seed Company, a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate.  He previously worked as a CFO with another ministry and as a shareholder at a CPA firm focusing on non-profits. David is a CPA with a BS from Thomas Edison State College. David and his family live in Arlington, Texas. (This webinar was originally presented on May 12, 2016.)

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