Capturing Outcomes

Friday, 8:30 – 9:45 AM

Presented by: Calvin Edwards

Have you ever wondered what your ministry’s long-term results are? What the impact is? What lies beneath and beyond the stories of lives changed? To answer these questions, insightful mission leaders are asking their organizations to begin measuring and reporting outcomes. Where did this idea come from, and why is there so much talk about outcomes? In this insightful session, Mr. Edwards will argue that this trend is in fact a doorway for new opportunities in mission. He’ll discuss what outcomes are, why they are so popular, and how to get started on capturing them. Importantly, he will address issues, challenges, and pitfalls as a ministry sets out on this journey, and position the topic within a biblical perspective of knowledge stewardship.

Learning objectives:

  • Define what an outcome is and how it is different from an output
  • Identify the benefits of measuring outcomes
  • Determine what your ministry’s outcomes should be
  • Start capturing your ministry’s outcomes
  • Outline common challenges as an organization starts to measure outcomes
  • Explain how outcomes fit with biblical values

Primary Audience: Ministry leaders, CEOs, and department heads

CPE 1.5 hours Business Management and Organization

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