Building Organizational Culture that Cultivates Missional Resilience

Pre-Conference Session |

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 8:00 AM


Primary Audience Organization, member care, and local church leadership and practitioners, the curious and hopeful Description This inaugural pre-conference collaboration of the People Care and Development Track brings together local church, member-care, and organizational leadership and practitionors to dream, collaborate, and act within our individual organizations and through our organizations within the larger mission community to build organizational cultures that cultivate missional resilience. Our time together will include prayer and praise, listening directly to the voices of global workers compiled through the research of Kriss Whiteman (Resilient Global Worker Study) and Kimberly Drage (The Role of Mission Organizations in Missionary Well-Being Study), and a facilitated conversation focused on how we might work together for the sake of God’s mission in the world. Our hope is that this pre-conference gathering will spark conversations that continue throughout the conference and launch new initiatives in the coming year that will bear abundant fruit that endures for the Father’s glory (John 15). This pre-conference is sponsored by: {[A-CUSTOM TAG:SPONSOR – CAPINCROUSE]}


Geoff Whiteman, Kimberly Drage, Kriss Whiteman

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