Video Transcript:

Cohort is Missio Nexus’ private social network. Connect your staff with staff from other organizations and churches. Examples of current Cohorts include Diaspora Ministry, Church Mission Leaders, Development and Fund-Raising, Communication Directors and Staff, Finance and Admin, Human Resources and Member Care and there are many others. We’re always open to new ideas and the current list of Cohorts is found on our website.

These Cohort groups are not your typical online form. They use something called Yammer – Microsoft’s community building tool, which provides a mobile app as well as the web-based tool most people utilize. I want to encourage you to go online right now and look at the Cohort offerings. Find your tribe and share your questions and solutions or learning from others.

By the way, we know that there are others outside of Missio Nexus membership with whom you need to connect. Cohort is not limited to Missio Nexus members. People outside Missio Nexus simply need an invitation for you to begin interacting.

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