Video Transcript:

#24 is Missio Nexus’ offering to get you face-to-face with the people and other organizations and churches that are trying to solve the same problems you’re trying to solve.  Topics are usually led by members of the Missio Nexus community and tend to be pretty focused. In fact, you can suggest the topic and lead that topic yourself if you’re so inclined.  We keep the number small so that the interaction is good and there’s plenty of time for you to explore the issue at hand together. The format is designed to fit into a twenty-four-hour window, so it doesn’t eat up too much of your schedule.

Virtual meetings are great but sometimes it really helps to get face-to-face with others. I suggest you go on to MissioNexus.org website and check out the upcoming offerings to see if others in the community are getting together for #24 event that might be pertinent to you.

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