Apostolic Imagination: Recovering a Biblical Vision for the Church’s Mission Today       

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Apostolic Imagination: Recovering a Biblical Vision for the Church’s Mission Today*

By J. D. Payne

Baker Academic, 2022  
216 ebook pages  

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This book argues that the “Church has ventured away from the apostolic path and continues down a road involving numerous important and good activities labeled as missions” (p. 4). It basically seeks to answer this question: What is the apostolic imagination that influenced much of the first-century labors, and how does it affect the church’s global task today? Though the book is not an attempt to return to the first century and though it does not disregard historical developments and contemporary contexts, it seeks to “understand the imagination that the Spirit and the Word created and shaped, which resulted in the multiplication of disciples, churches, and leaders” (p. 5). Thus, the author discusses what apostolic imagination is, explores apostolic identity and function in the New Testament, and reimagines contemporary missions (language, identity, priority, function, and location) in relation to apostolic imagination. 

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