Agency Mobilizer Training Survey Report

“As I have observed the mobilization landscape over the past few years and endeavor to provide resources for missions mobilizers, I noticed that many new mobilizers felt unprepared for their new role. One new mobilization director called me asking for advice and said, “I don’t even know what I don’t know!”  Encounters such as these prompted us at the Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention to seek an accurate picture of the current state of mobilizer training in the U.S., so we approached Missio Nexus and asked if they would partner with us on this survey. The results of this survey will help us know where we are and what is needed as we prepare mobilizers to mobilize effectively for the glory of God.” Rev. David Jacob, PhD (Cand.)

Missio Nexus and the Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention at Trinity Bible College & Graduate School (ND) partnered together to better understand the current state of training for mission mobilizers.

The goal of this survey was to provide a reality map of how those engaged in the North American mobilization arena are doing to set up their mobilizers for success. Specifically, we wanted to discover who today’s mobilizers are and what training curriculum agencies currently have in place to equip them.

The data gleaned from this survey will help to collaboratively build a much-needed set of best practices and resources to offer the broader North American mobilization community in our training of fruitful mobilizers. In the fall/winter of 2021, the Agency Mobilizer Training Survey was hosted by Missio Nexus in partnership with the Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention. The survey was filled out by 62 missions organizations (mostly missions agencies) and two churches. Because the intention of this survey is to discover mobilization training trends within missions agencies, the two churches that filled out this survey were not included in the results data. The locations of the organizations that filled out this survey varies across the globe. Those that responded to this survey include the following:

● 33 Directors of Mobilization/Recruitment
● 15 Mobilizers
● 14 Others (including 4 CEOs)

Read or Download the 2022 Agency Mobilizer Training Report here.

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