Webinar: A World Without Orphans: Understanding the Movement Away from Orphanages

Description of webinar:  

What is the role of the Global Church in creating a world without orphans? How can we accomplish this goal while holding to best practice and the latest research? People on the front lines of orphan care weighing in on problems and solutions, this documentary spurs discussion about our role in the pursuit of a world without orphans.  

“Orphanages create orphans.” The first several times I heard Steve Saint say that, I couldn’t even begin to wrap my brain around it. I didn’t have a clue how an orphanage – built to help children who didn’t have parents, devoted to children who need help – could ever be a negative. But then my missions mindset had a major paradigm shift. Seismic, really, and it wasn’t easy. I’d been working in missions for awhile, and my good intentions met a rude awakening.


Elli Oswald is executive director of the Faith to Action Initiative, which provides resources to Christians who are seeking to serve orphans, supporting efforts to limit the unnecessary separation of children from families and encouraging family-based care. Oswald has served with World Vision, Habitat for Humanity and Bethany Community Church in Seattle.  

Dianne Becker has a background in television news and has produced numerous documentary projects, such as Kimyal Bible, Journey into the Amazon and Missions Dilemma. Becker has worked on three feature films, including End of the Spear. She has served on several non-profit boards and is currently Past President of International Christian Visual Media. 

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