7 Days of Prayer: Sunday, 28 April 2024

By Justin Long

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Join us in beseeching (δέομαι) the Lord of the Harvest this week for…

1 On behalf of all Sudan, we pray to the Prince of Peace, “Please, Lord, make it stop.” The conflict is being fueled by surrounding powers and international arms providers. (AP). More and more weapons are pouring in, while millions are pouring out and are on the verge of starvation. This week, more conflict broke out in North Darfur, leading to 40,000 expelled from their homes and whole communities burned to the ground. There are reports of genocide against “non-Arab groups” in Darfur (Middle East Eye). Believers are boldly trying to spread the kingdom, yet much suffering is being endured. It seems impossible that it will end any time soon, absent a miracle—and so it is for the miraculous that we pray. At the same time, we pray for the believers and the kingdom workers: for the Lord to be their Good Shepherd, guiding them through the dark valleys of this time and providing the table they need.

2 We pray for the suffering, distressed and hungry in Tigray. Hunger and insecurity continues to spread. New clashes at the border of Tigray and Amhara have caused 50,000 to be displaced (News24). Many in the region face acute malnutrition. We pray for the Kingdom workers in the region who are trying to be of help.

3 We pray for the more than 1 million displaced in northern Nigeria as a result of the violence in that region. The government has decided that since the IDP camps are rife with problems, it is best to close the camps (NewHum)—but where will the refugees go? Few feel like they can safely return home, so they find themselves fleeing once again. Pray for kingdom workers who are laboring in the region, despite the significant dangers entailed.

4 We pray for the women of Iran. The government has rolled out a new, severe enforcement of the hijab rules (Guardian). The stories of women arrested, beaten, abused, threatened, jailed are heartbreaking. A substantial percentage of the population have grown very disillusioned with the Iranian government and the version of Islam it promotes, and have turned away from Islam. Pray that even more find Jesus. We are thankful that the church is growing in Iran—one of the fastest growth rates in the world!—and yet so many more need to hear. Pray for the kingdom workers laboring boldly to reach Persians with the good news of Christ’s love. One interesting item: due to the rapprochement, over 90,000 Iranian pilgrims will likely participate in the hajj this year. Pray these spiritually hungry people will find Jesus during this time, whether through dreams & visions or encounters with believers along the way (Middle East Monitor)

5 Pray for the believers and kingdom workers in India, who labor even in the midst of a massive rise in Hindu nationalism there. A new article talks about the “messianic spell” of Modi’s cult of personality, which “enables the BJP to project him as one beyond scrutiny” (Guardian). Pray for the current election behind held in India, and pray especially for the protection and wisdom of workers laboring amongst Muslims in India. Pray for the continued spread of Kingdom disciples especially in the north, where “graveyards have become vineyards.”

6 Pray for those who are reaching out to Chinese diaspora around the world. Nearly 40,000 came to the USA alone in 2023 (NBC). Many thousands of Chinese are going to other places as well. Many of these are seeking a life outside of the control of China and its ideology, and are open to spiritual conversations. Pray for believers to welcome, befriend, be a blessing to, and have conversations with these families.

7 Pray for an end to the war in Myanmar. The “devastating, yearslong civil war is heating up, though it isn’t attracting international notice… but it threatens to break apart the country of 55 million people” (NYT). Many young men are doing whatever they can to avoid the draft. Many refugees are spilling over into Thailand, and the Thai government is taking a strong stance against Myanmar. Pray for the kingdom workers who are laboring in Myanmar in the midst of this, to find ways to be a blessing to the people in the midst of the instability and violence.
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Where do these prayer requests come from? This is a weekly guide to beseeching (δέομαι/deomai, Matthew 9) the Lord of the Harvest for the unreached peoples and places of the world. It is based on the events listed in my Weekly Roundup, as well as on information received from disciple-making movements and other sources around the world. If you’re interested in my Weekly Roundup (out each Friday), you can see a sample and sign up for it here.

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