5 Ways to Pray for SHIFT

SHIFT: Rapid Social Transformation and the Gospel is just around the corner in Orlando! Whether you are attending or not, we invite you to join us in fervent prayer for this event and our attendees.

Pray for Kingdom-Aligned Impact

Let’s lift our hearts and minds in prayer for new connections and initiatives that will have a profound kingdom impact, addressing cultural challenges in culture, the church, and missions.

Pray for Prophetic Plenary Messages

May our plenary messages be bold – filled with prophetic insight and a challenge to cultural norms. Pray for inspiration to fill our workers, teams, and leadership, enabling them to step boldly into uncharted territories. Ask for renewed vision and unwavering faith among those who will spread the good news globally.

Pray for Insightful Workshops

Seek the Lord’s guidance for our workshops, that they may offer deep insight and practical wisdom to all who participate, equipping them to engage effectively with the pressing cultural challenges of our time.

Pray for Divine Safety

As we gather, let us also remember to pray for the safety of all conference participants, venders, and hotel staff. May God’s protection surround us and ensure a secure and peaceful environment throughout our time together.

Pray for Purposeful Encounters

Direct your prayers for providential encounters, and ask that the 1000+ attendees, organizations, churches, and ministries experience God-ordained connections and interactions to address cultural challenges.

For the Glory of God,
The Missio Nexus Team

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