5 Things I Wish Missionaries Remembered About Taking Care of Themselves

Five Things I Wish Missionaries Remembered about Taking Care of Themselves
Brent Lindquist, President, Link Care Center
Originally presented May 27, 2010

Description: Why do missionaries come home (early, hurting, beat up, angry, depressed, whatever)? What is the best answer? This wide ranging, irreverent webinar will look seriously at five critical issues in self-care of missionaries – and what you (their leader, pastor, accountability person, or spouse) can do to help them remember to take care of themselves. It also includes several practical easy-peasy things to do to make each of the big ideas work for you or your missionaries right away.
Speaker Bio: Brent Lindquist, Ph.D. is a Psychologist and the President of Link Care Center (www.linkcare.org), who wonders around the missional landscape asking obvious questions which have impossible answers and then helps people look for possible strategies. He also is the Member care Resource Specialist for The Mission Exchange and the content coordinator for Member Care Media (www.membercareradio.com) where he has a weekly program broadcast throughout Central Asia and Africa, and which you can listen to online 24/7.

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