Critical Periods in Church/Mission Relationships: Healthy Functioning after Crisis and Conflict (MC)

Saturday @ 9:15am

This will be a open forum and discussion about Critical Issues in Member Health for churches and missions. We will be discussing strategies for working through difficult situations like crisis and conflict among and between missionary, mission, and church, national church, supporters, etc, using insights gained from a collaborative effort in Singapore. Brent Lindquist will host this discussion with other Member Health Seminar leaders.

Brent Lindquist, PhD

Link Care Center

Brent Lindquist is a Psychologist by training and licensure in California, and is a Mission Advisor for Member Health for Missio Nexus. He serves on the Executive Board of the Global Member care Network, and consults and trains in Singapore. He is also the Global Learning Architect for where he publishes online courses and leads virtual classrooms on member health areas. He co-leads an annual seminar with Theresa Sidebotham and Dr Ric Ascano for missions and churches on the intersection of psychology, law and missions, as well as blogs with her at


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