Home Office Morale Busters: Is Your Office Toxic or Tonic?

Home Office Morale Busters: Is Your Office Toxic or Tonic?

Saturday @ 9:15am

I have personally visited over 90 mission offices across North America. In so doing, I couldn’t help but notice that they come in all sorts and sizes, ages and make-ups. Despite their differences, there is one trait common to all: the discernible awareness of staff morale, which tone is set by the CEO. Some mission staffs have a noticeably strong level of enthusiasm, whereas morale in others is flat and perfunctory, with little zeal for the work. What’s the difference? The variance between a healthy, wholesome work environment, and one that is toxic can be measured by a tool I will introduce to CEO’s that is uniquely tailored to mission offices.

Marv Newell

Senior Vice President and Missiologist
Missio Nexus

Dr. Marv Newell is Senior Vice President and missiologist at Missio Nexus. Previously he served as a missionary in Papua, Indonesia, as Asia-Pacific Regional Director with TEAM, as professor of Missions and Intercultural Studies at the Moody Theological Seminary, and director of a mission’s association.


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