How the Rest of the World is Doing Missionary Training and What We Can Learn from Them (TR)

How the Rest of the World is Doing Missionary Training and What We Can Learn from Them (TR)

Friday @ 3:30pm

Ethnocentrism exists not only in the field missionary but also at home in the structures of our mission organizations. Missionary trainers are not exempt from this error. Rarely do those of us from the West take the time to slow down and learn from the experiences and innovation of missionary leaders from the rest of the world. This workshop will prompt a dialog exploring creativity and learning theory that is being practiced and perfected today by missionary sending agencies and associations in other parts of the world. Explore what you may want to adopt and adapt as you continually improve your missionary training program.

David M. Ruiz

VP of Global Ministries (Camino Global)
Executive Director (The Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance)

David is a pastor and Missiologist from Guatemala. He holds a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Mission Studies from All Nations Christian College. During the last 20 years David had been actively involved in the development of the global mission movement. He was the 4th International President of the Cooperación Misionera Iberoamericana (COMIBAM) . He also was International Coordinator of Great Commission Roundtable (GCR) and now is serving as Executive Director of The Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). He divides his time between his roles in The Mission Commission, Camino Global and Interserve.


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