Not Every Donor is the Same! (DEV)

Not Every Donor is the Same! (DEV)

Friday @ 3:30pm

Effective stewardship is critical for engaging and retaining your donors. However, different levels of donors require different approaches to stewardship. Therefore, it is key to know how to segment your donors into major, mid-level and regular donors. This session will help you determine how to segment your donor file and then develop the right stewardship activities and messaging within each segment audience to maximize your donors engagement and giving potential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how to evaluate your different donor segments
  • List ideas and strategies for enhancing cultivation and stewardship efforts across all segments
  • Apply insights into effective messaging strategies across all segments
  • Create a Donor Cycle plan that will assist in growing your donors engagement and giving levels

[CPE 100 MIN – Management Services]

Brian Hurd

Founder & President
Ministry Consulting Group

Brian brings over 25 years of nonprofit leadership and consulting experience. He focuses on leadership and organizational development. Brian’s solution-minded experience, programs and processes have impacted over 500 organizations throughout the nation. Throughout his career, in addition to his own client engagements, he has partnered with several national consulting firms including: Pursuant Group, Dunham and Company and Mission Increase Foundation. Brian has also formerly served in development roles at Houston Baptist University, the Greater Dallas Region of the Salvation Army and Dallas Theological Seminary. Brian and his wife of 26 years live in the Dallas area with their three sons.


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