Women and Leadership: The WHYS of Varying Evangelical Practice

Pre-Conference Session |

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 8:00 AM


Primary Audience Men and women who wish to better understand and be more fluent in this discussion Description As evangelicals we believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and hold a high view of God’s written Word to us as the basis of our belief and practice. So how can it be that evangelicals – whether serious academics, ministry leaders or other devoted disciples – have come to such a wide variety of conclusions about God’s design and heart for women in the Body of Christ? Who they are, what they can do or not do, how they relate to God and His purposes, how they relate to their brothers in Christ. (And so, this discussion is really about men and women both!) And how can it be that evangelicals who may hold the same position, actually practice it quite differently? In this workshop we will look at the spectrum of thought, the different ways and whys believers have come to different conclusions, all pursuing God’s heart and honoring His Word. Come and enjoy a respectful conversation, guided by Kingdom colleagues who are experienced in this rich discussion (and love it!) This pre-conference is sponsored by: {[A-CUSTOM TAG:SPONSOR – CAPINCROUSE]}


Heather Althoff, Don Turner, Wendy Wilson

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