Webinar: Missionary Education in the 21st Century


A seminar looking at the challenges of missionary education and preparing the next generation for engagement in the Great Commission.


Dr. David Cashin is professor of intercultural studies in the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University.
Dr. Cashin obtained his bachelor of arts degree in history from Gordon College and his master of arts and doctor of philosophy in indology from Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. While in Sweden, Dr. Cashin served as pastor of two churches. He wrote and taught courses and seminars in Islamic history, theology and Muslim-Christian relations.

For nine years Dr. Cashin served in Bangladesh as missionary, church planter, educator and development worker with SIM International. He is fluent in Bengali and Swedish and has extensive knowledge of seven other languages.

In the United States Dr. Cashin served as press secretary to the U.S. Center for World Mission and as director of research at the Samuel Zwemer Institute of Islamic Studies. Prior to joining the faculty of the College of Intercultural Studies, Dr. Cashin was principal of Valley Christian School in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Dr. Cashin is the author of Muhammad and the People of the BookThe Ocean of Love: Ali Rajâ’s Âgam and Jnân SâgaraThe Ocean of Love: Middle Bengali Sufi Literature and the Fakirs of BengalThe Secret of the Blessing of Abraham (in Bengali), and Study Guide for the Blessing of Abraham (in Bengali). His most recent books in progress are The Seven Essential Questions of Life and Takfir: Excommunication in the Salafi-Jihadist Narrative. He also has published numerous articles on Islam and other subjects.
Dr. Cashin and his wife, Margareta, reside in Columbia. Their three sons Michael, Peter and Thomas are married and two are living in Sweden. They have nine grandchildren.

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