Webinar: Mission Design: Practical tools for Navigating your Changing Ministry Landscape and Leading Your Team to Creative Breakthrough


One thing is certain: ministry in today’s fast changing world is a challenge for everyone. Programs, content and services developed only a few years ago can feel dated and irrelevant. As the pace of change continues to accelerate it is important for us to figure out how to stay relevant and effective. Most of us have years of ministry experience and seminary education. But today there are plenty of powerful tools like design thinking that can help us build agile and effective ministries. In this webinar we will take a closer look at the principles of Design Thinking, how to evaluate ministry effectiveness, and how to pivot and innovate quickly to meet the needs of the world around us.


Aaron Abramson was raised in a Jewish family in the United States until they relocated to Israel when he was a teenager. He studied in a religious Jewish seminary and served in the Israel Defense Force. While traveling after his military service, Aaron met Christians who challenged him to read the New Testament. Reading through the Gospels, Aaron had a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Out of his passion to see others similarly impacted by the gospel, he joined Jews for Jesus in 2000.

Since then, Aaron has served with Jews for Jesus in a variety of roles including missionary, director of recruitment, director of young adult ministry, New York area director and his current role co-COO where he oversees day to day ministry. He holds a BA in biblical and intercultural studies from All Nations Christian College in Hertfordshire, England and an MPA from New York University. Today, Aaron helps ministry leaders grapple with the changing ministry environments they serve in through utilizing tools including Adaptive Leadership and Design Thinking. Aaron and his wife Victoria, have three children and currently reside in Manhattan.

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