Webinar: Bitcoin for Missions: Unlocking the Potential and Exploring the Possibilities


For many in the Western world, bitcoin is viewed merely as a speculative investment asset, however, for 100s of millions of people in the global south who live under totalitarian regimes, lack simple banking services, or deal with run-away inflation, bitcoin is an escape hatch that grants them financial freedom and opportunity. In fact, many who have studied and utilized bitcoin have come to the conclusion that it is a globally transformative technology that leads to increased human flourishing. They even compare its transformative power and exponential growth to that of the internet itself. If this is true, then we as Christians and missionaries ought to come to terms with it. There are at least three questions we should ask about this technology:

1) What should our response to Bitcoin be as Christ-followers?

2) How is Bitcoin affecting and being used by the least reached peoples of the world?

3) How (if at all) might we use Bitcoin for the advancement of the gospel among the least reached?


Ahshuwah Hawthorne, NextMove Co-director/ Bitcoin for Missions Co-Founder
Tim Bickers, Cornerstone International Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Nate Scholz, Ralph Winter Launch Lab Innovation Associate

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