Urgent: Support Needed for Missionaries in Israel

Dear Missio Nexus community,

The events in Israel over the past weekend have once again reminded us of the wickedness that is in the world. The brutality of the attack was shocking. The loss of life horrific. As we consider the fallout, I want to remind you to pray for the Missio Nexus member ministries that have people in the region. Several of our colleagues were ministering in the area when the attacks started. The situation is changing by the minute.

The pain is unimaginable for Israelis and for Palestinians who are oppressed by Hamas on a regular basis.  The coming ground war will be much worse and some of the staff and staff children of our mission members have already been called up to serve in the IDF.  
If you are interested in assisting one of these ministries, here are three organizations you can consider giving to. 

Chosen People – https://chosenpeople.com/war
Jews for Jesus – https://jewsforjesus.org/give
Life in Messiah – https://www.lifeinmessiah.org/israel-relief-fund

There are others serving in Israel (and Gaza), of course, but these three ministries are already prepared to receive any assistance you may be led to give.

Let’s pray for the gospel to spread even in these difficult times.

Ted Esler
Missio Nexus

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