Ukraine Ministry Update

Global Strategies Track | Workshop Set 3

Thursday, September 29, 2022 13:45 PM


Primary Audience Those wanting to learn current ministry conditions in Ukraine Description As the Ukraine war and the resulting implications continue to unfold before us, we are all asking the question of how we should best respond.

In this workshop, we will hear from key Ukrainian denominational and church leaders about the crisis and what God is doing in and through the Ukrainian Church to address the major challenges. Dr. Sergey Rakhuba President of Mission Eurasia which serves in all former USSR (Eurasia) countries training Next Generation leaders for ministry Dr. Yaroslav Pyzh President of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary, Lviv, Ukraine Pastor Igor Bandura Sr.

Vice President of the Union of Evangelical Christians and Baptists of Ukraine, Kyiv Ukraine Through a pre-recorded video, they will make suggestions as to how the Western Church can best partner in this crisis. The presentation will be followed by group discussion.

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Dr. Sergey Rakhuba, Dr. Yaroslav Pyzh

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