Trauma Informed HR

Details: September 27, 2023, 03:45 PM - 5:00:00 PM ET 

Workshop Track: Human Resource

Primary Audience: HR staff, managers

Whether you realize it or not, some behavioral problems with staff can be linked to trauma. However, if managers and HR staff do not understand the trauma-related elements underlying these behavioral issues, they may be ill equipped to handle situations in a trauma-informed way.

Ignorance and naiveté in this area can plant seeds for future problems and/or escalate already difficult staff situations. Understanding trauma can help HR practitioners improve their staff support particularly as it relates to placement, policies, and procedures.

In this course, you will learn:
• Basic trauma understandings that can help you make better HR decisions.
• Ways to recognize systems or policies that are not trauma-informed and change them for an improved organizational culture.
• When to call for help and who/how to engage that help.

Meet the Presenters

Heather Pubols

Principal Consultant | Editorial Director

Le Motif | EMQ

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