The State of the Gospel – 2009

The State of the Gospel – 2009
Jason Mandryk, Operation World
January 8, 2009

In our inter-connected and changing world, traditional norms are being overturned. The status quo for the past century in terms of population and religion, church and mission is no longer the case. The who, what, where and how of mission have shifted significantly in the last generation. Even as the Church multiplies, it finds itself under siege on many fronts. The State of the Gospel examines trends and issues in demographics, faith and the Great Commission as well as some of the implications for the global church. We can no longer understand these dynamics in isolation from each other or solely from a local perspective. Combining a sweeping vision with detailed awareness from the Operation World resources, this presentation seeks to INFORM us about what is going on in God’s world, INSPIRE us by both the challenges before us and the breakthroughs we are seeing. INVOLVE us strategically in the monumental task of world evangelization. Jason Mandryk works at the WEC International Headquarters near London. Since 1995 he has focused on researching and communicating the needs of our broken world to the Church. He spent seven years researching and preparing the 2001 edition of Operation World and is also the author of the forthcoming edition.

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