The People Have Spoken: Missiographics Top 5

Instead of sending out a new infographic this week, we decided to bring together the 5 most popular ones we have produced based on the amount of people that have viewed them. These infographics provide very unique information on topics ranging from church planting, globalization and growth of the church in Brazil and Indonesia.

We hope that taking another look at these will give you the chance to engage with the content in a deeper way, allowing you to revitalize your mission efforts with our research findings. Also, for those of you who are new to our bi-monthly emails, our prayer is that this Top 5 collection will give you a quick look at what Missiographics are about along with providing possibly some of the most relevant information we have collected thus far.

#1: Brazil: An Emerging Force in Global Missions

The world is talking about Brazil. Whether it is their economic growth, the socio-economic challenges they are facing or their hosting of events like the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, the world is taking notice of this amazing country. At the same time, the global Church is taking notice of the Brazilian Church. The Church in Brazil is growing and on the move. Take some time to explore the Brazilian Church’s engagement in ministry with Diaspora, Indigenous Communities and Cross-cultural Mission.

Organizational Application

There has been so much talk about mission sending from emerging countries like Brazil. This is not breaking news. But the question remains, “How are ministry organizations in Brazil and around the world co-laboring together?” If you are a Brazilian mission organization, how are you interacting with the broader mission movement? Are you making relationships and connections that allow others to see your unique contribution? If you are a mission organization from another country, how are you connecting with your Brazilian counterparts? Do you understand their passion and their skill sets? What if your next ministry initiative included a partnership with a Brazilian ministry?

#2 Global Bible Searches – What Are They Searching For?

God’s Word speaks to people very differently around the world. They find inspiration, encouragement and admonishment in a variety of passages depending on geography, circumstance, religious background and culture. With the Internet (and thanks to our friends at, we are now able to get a glimpse into the passages that people are seeking out most regularly. Take a moment to read through this infographic and consider how it might impact your outreach in these countries.

Organizational Application

As your organization reaches out in these, the ten most populous countries, how can you use the information about their top Scripture searches in the design and implementation of your ministry efforts? Consider the countries that have only Old Testament Scriptures in their top five and ask your team how you should be integrating the Old Testament into your ministry approach. What about the significance of the Psalms — how might the Psalms really open up new ways of sharing Truth? Also, consider opening up some dialogue between global partners about these search statistics. Are they seeing the same thing on the ground? What trends are significant? And how should you respond?

#3 What Role Should Individuals and Nations Play in Global Church Planting?

What needs to be done by whom in order to plant the churches required to bless all corners of the world? When could/should that work be international? That is a complex question that requires a global perspective and a level of nuance. This infographic will help you understand the size of the challenge, the types of roles needed and some examples of who should fill them.

Organizational Application

As an organization, you have the chance to mobilize people for church planting or supporting churches in a variety of ways. Are you coming alongside them in humility and serving them as they reach out? Are you challenging churches and helping them understand the roles that are needed? Does your staff understand the role that is needed from your organization and country? Are they equipped to fulfill that role graciously and competently? What can your organization do to advance the global movement and see more churches planted?

#4 Indonesia: Think BIG!

Some places in the world are simply hard to grasp. Indonesia is one of them. It is BIG in almost every way. Take a moment to explore Indonesia’s geography, population, religious makeup and people groups. Then ask God how He wants you to respond to this BIG place.

Organizational Application

Many times organizations who are working in places like Indonesia assume everyone else understands the size of the ministry opportunities there. First, consider the finances, people and project efforts you are investing in Indonesia in relation to the need. Are you allocating enough effort towards this incredibly important nation? Then once you have answered that question, take time as a team to brainstorm how you can better communicate what you are doing to engage with in Indonesia. Consider how you can creatively show the size of the opportunity and how God is using your organization to reach Indonesia.

#5 On Mission in a Moving World

If you have ever moved, you know the disruption it causes to your life. Now imagine millions on the move – sometimes in less than ideal circumstances. Some are simply moving to start a new life, but others are under much more extreme pressures. With a background of war, trafficking, job loss and countless other disruptors, people are finding themselves in many new places. What are you doing to meet them as they move?

Organizational Application

There is usually a clear line between organizations working within the US and those working globally. In one group you have the campus ministries, rescue missions, family outreaches, etc. Then in the other you have mission agencies, orphan care ministries and relief and development organizations. In times past the lines between “home” and “foreign” were easy to see. Today they are gone. Everyone is ministering to everyone based on the context that exists where they serve. If you operate a homeless shelter, you may need translators for countless languages. If you are serving in Budapest, you might be working with expats from the UK or Australia. So how is your organization working through this change? Do you see the global dimensions of your work? Do you see how your mission field might also be back home near your sending church? What kinds of dialogues are you having in your organizations? If you are a global organization, how are you supporting immigrant communities? If you are a local organization, how are you stepping up to the global communities now living among you?

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