The Muslim Allah and the Christian God Debate

Missio Nexus announces the February/March 2016 Global Issues Update: “The Muslim Allah and the Christian God Debate,” with Dr. Roy Oksnevad of Reach Global.

Complex global challenges impact Great Commission activities at every level. No matter how connected and motivated you are as an individual Christ-follower, church or mission leader, you can’t be an expert on everything. This edition will help you better understand the issues involved in understanding the differences between the Muslim concept of Allah and the Biblical Christian God.

Roy Oksnevad, a missionary with ReachGlobal, has been working among Muslims since 1985. After serving in Belgium, he has been ministering in the Chicago area since 1996. Most recently he was Director of Muslim Ministries at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. Roy has co-edited the book, The Gospel for Islam: Reaching Muslims in North America.

Global Issues Update is an audio/visual 35-40 minute recording and will take a few minutes to download. You will be glad you waited.

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Enjoy watching and becoming more fully informed.

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