The Gospel of our King: Bible, Worldview, and the Mission of Every Christian

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The Gospel of our King: Bible, Worldview, and the Mission of Every Christian

By: Bruce Riley Ashford and Heath A. Thomas

Baker Academic, 2019, 201 pages


This book basically answers the purpose of life on earth: we exist for the King (page 1), realizing that the Bible tells the story of the King, reveals that the King is God, and narrates the story of his actions in regard to the world. To unpack this purpose, the two authors trace the Bible’s main storyline in the first four chapters of the book. Then in the last four chapters, they reflect on the Christian mission that God has given to every Christian. Drawing from the biblical overarching narrative, the authors present the holistic nature of this mission in four ways: (1) theologically (mission centers on God); (2) socially (mission involves interaction with other people made in the image of God); (3) culturally (mission occurs in the context of culture); and (4) global (mission is global in scope). In addition, this purpose is expressed through the Christian worldview, the centrality of the gospel, and the scope of mission.

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