Sudden Re-Entry: Preparing to Care for People Who Leave the Field Prematurely

Sudden Re-Entry: Preparing to Care for People Who Leave the Field Prematurely
Presented by Becky Thorson, Expatriate Support Advisor United Mission to Nepal

Do you know someone who had to return from the mission field suddenly without preparation? What was their experience like and how did they read just? Most cross cultural workers returning to their home country and their sending organizations are well informed about re-entry and reverse cultural shock and how to prepare for and deal with it. The adjustment process goes relatively smoothly and emotional upheaval is minimized. Usually there is a process of debriefing and policies for care and support already in place. But what about those who have to leave the field earlier than expected? Often there is less time to prepare, sometimes the policies do not apply, and they are left more on their own. Becky has gathered information on Best Practice from Member Care and International staff care literature, and this webinar will present clear guidelines to help individuals and sending organizations prepare for this possibility and have policies for a care plan in place.

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