Cram, Dave

Dave Cram

MFA Planning Committee Member, Missio Nexus

Dave operates an income tax practice focused on serving missionaries and pastors. He also does internal control examinations in churches and other ministries. In 2017, Dave left Wycliffe Bible Translators after 34 years of service including 11 years as Corporate Treasurer/ Chief Audit Executive and over 8 years as VP Finance and CFO. From 2006 to 2012 he served part-time as a field representative for the ECFA. He presently serves on the Finance and Administration Committee for Missio Nexus. He also serves on several non-profit boards

Dave has an MBA from the University of Washington and a degree in Accounting from Portland State University. In 1991, he received an Elijah Watts Sells Award for his outstanding scores on the CPA exam.

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